“My job is simple: Keep things solid on the back end so our engineers can focus on serving clients.”

  1. Influences

    “I was going to be an engineer, but I decided I wanted to enter the financial business instead. But I’ve always loved the industry—in fact, my father was a land surveyor, so I feel like I’ve been in it since before I was born.”

  2. Culture

    "Our engineers care deeply about the work they do. We take a lot of pride in every project, yet we all still have a lot of fun. The pride I take is making all that possible behind the scenes—taking my experience and using it to help others do their jobs well."

  1. Motivation

    “I’m not a sitter; I’m a doer. Sometimes my job is to be the pessimist, to scale people’s optimism back just a little bit. But it’s all about long-term sustainability, making sure we grow smartly and can always serve clients at the highest level.”

  2. History

    "I’ve been here over 20 years now, and I’ve realized that what I like is the constant change. There’s always something new happening. Every day presents challenges, but those challenges are always different. You’re always on your game, because you’re never producing the same widget."