Revit/Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Long before it became the norm, Dunham gave its architects and building owners the ability to virtually build their facilities in three dimensions during the design phase. How did we do it? By making the strategic decision to adopt Revit MEP BIM technology before many engineering firms knew it even existed.

Today, this tool has become the industry standard, Dunham has amassed a robust content library, and our designers and engineers have become industry experts. We’ve now developed countless projects using the Revit platform, and we have a large design staff whose proficiency would be tough to match.

Because of this successful early adoption, Dunham has forged a partnership with Revit’s developer, Autodesk, that has allowed us to send experts to their Gunslinger’s Conference, discuss new ideas and innovations, share real-world applications and stories, and test beta versions of their new software. Recognizing Dunham as a national leader, Autodesk even chose one of our renderings as the cover artwork of the Revit MEP, Fabrication CADmep, and Fabrication FABmep software packages.

International Collaboration & Recognition:

  • Dunham helped a leading UK engineering firm develop a Revit MEP metric platform for their MEP system designs, enabled them to take a lead role in providing 3D design services in the UK.
  • National Awards: 2009 – Revit Building Information Modeling (BIM) Experience Award
  • Featured Article: 2009 – PE Magazine – “Firm Finds BIM Investment Pays Off”
  • Speaking Engagement: McGraw-Hill Construction 2008 Building Information Modeling Conference

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