B3 (and Beyond)

Similar to LEED® (and with significant overlap), Minnesota’s Building, Benchmarks and Beyond (B3) guidelines represent a vital initiative to improve sustainability in state-funded projects. Our design of the the Hennepin County Public Works facility in 1992 actually served as a model for the Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines (MSBG), a forerunner to B3. Since then, many of our sustainable design and commissioning projects have followed both B3 and LEED® criteria.

Why Dunham for B3?

  • We’ve successfully designed and commissioned over 30 projects that specifically meet B3 criteria.
  • Our experience designing and commissioning MSBG-B3 and LEED projects means we’re able to effectively deliver the full intent of the commissioning effort.
  • The additional involvement required for B3 projects mandates collaboration with the project team during each of the design phases, which equips our commissioning team with an intimate understanding of the project design intent.
  • We bring added value to B3 projects through effective communication and collaborative problem- solving.

Representative B3 Design Projects

Representative Dunham B3 Commissioning Projects

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