“It’s easy for me to market Dunham to clients, because in my heart I feel good about the work we’re doing and the people we have here.”

  1. Influences

    “My father was an architect, and I was one of those kids who was always interested in figuring out how things worked. I’d pull things apart, look at them, and put them back together. From an early age, I liked designing things that did something, like make a motor turn. So to me, a building is an empty shell without the mechanical and electrical systems inside that make it all work”

  2. Relationships

    “People and relationships are extremely important to me. I love the people I work with. And I get a lot of satisfaction out of getting groups together, figuring things out, and working toward a common goal. I get a lot of personal reward when I drive down the street and see all the buildings we’ve worked on, but it’s even more about the people. The clients, architects, other engineers, contractors, building owners we work with—they’re as much friends as they are clients and colleagues.”

  1. Family

    “Family is also extremely important to me. My wife and I love spending time with our kids. It’s great when we can take a trip together or just catch dinner. It’s fun to hear how their lives are changing as they begin their careers. Family’s a big deal here, too. We care about our employees. We understand that they have lives outside of work and really promote a family friendly environment. That comes from our founders, having been started by a husband-wife engineering team.”

  2. Culture

    “When I interview people, I think about our culture. How is a candidate going to fit in? What do they like to do outside of work? What’s important to them? What are their goals? Someone could be the best engineer in the world, but if they don’t fit into our culture, it’s not going to work for either of us. I’ve always said that I can teach you how to do a calculation; I can’t teach personality, communication skills, and passion.”