“We didn’t have much income growing up on the farm. So if you found yourself with a broken PTO shaft, you had to weld it, fix it, and reuse it.”

  1. Influences

    “As a farm kid from western North Dakota, I always wanted a challenge, wanted to learn. On the farm, there was always something to build, something to weld, something to fix. I could see a picture of anything in a magazine and replicate it. And I already knew by the age of 16 that I was going to be an engineer. My brother-in-law was an electrical engineer, and he inspired me not only to go into the field, but to be someone who had influence and was respected.”

  2. Culture

    “Dunham is a place where if you’re truly motivated and you’re a client service-oriented person, you will be a success. We focus on client service, commitment, integrity, teamwork and quality. If you have those core values, the sky’s the limit. You can teach a person to circuit an outlet or build a widget; you can’t teach them to be curious about “What’s the next step?...How do I make the company better?...How do I make the software more efficient, serve the client better?...”

  1. Motivation

    “Some people have trouble seeing how their work contributes to society, but I see it every day. I work a lot in healthcare, and I think about how I’m helping design an infrastructure for caregivers so they can do their job better, and so their patients will have the opportunity for better health. And you also build relationships day in and day out. You go out to an industry event and everyone wants to visit with you. You run into people at the grocery store who you’ve worked with. That’s where the satisfaction really comes from.”

  2. Why Dunham?

    “We’re recognized in the marketplace, and people are drawn to us because of the opportunities we open up. Our teams are internally motivated, they’re curious, they have integrity, they know they have an opportunity and it’s up to them. I think we have the best staff in the marketplace, and judging by our repeat business, our clients feel that way, too.”