Packaging Plant

Dunham provided mechanical and electrical engineering design/build services for a new 70,000 SF manufacturing facility including a new 14,000 SF ISO 4, class 10 clean room, with three manufacturing bays, a cleaning and laboratory bay, gowning rooms, a packaging bay, and material support clean rooms. Clean room utilities included purified water, nitrogen gas, clean dry air, cylinder exhaust piping, housekeeping vacuum, process vacuum, and process acid waste drains.

The facility also included a new research and development laboratory with a clean room, laboratory benches, and fume hoods for new product development.

A major construction challenge was the need to have some of the production clean rooms in operation and validating products early in the construction schedule.

Life Sciences Clean Room

Dunham was later hired to provide mechanical and electrical engineering design/ build services for a new 4,000 SF ISO 5, class 100 grade B horizontal laminar flow clean room for the manufacture of disposable pharmaceutical bioreactors. The project included the design of two manufacturing bays with gowning rooms and quality control laboratories. Clean room utilities include purified water, nitrogen gas, helium gas, clean dry compressed air, process vacuum, cylinder exhaust piping, and housecleaning vacuum.

The clean rooms were designed to be stick-built floor supported in the existing warehouse with services and air handling units suspended from the roof structure and serviceable from the walkable clean room top deck. The clean room airflow was modeled with Computation Fluid Dynamics software to examine the effects of process equipment on airflow patterns at various airflow rates to optimize energy use and cleanliness.

A major construction challenge was to tie the new clean room into the existing clean room packaging area without compromising the existing clean room manufacturing process.

Project Highlights

  • New 70,000 SF Manufacturing Facility
  • 14,000 SF ISO 4, class 10 clean room
  • 4,000 SF ISO 5, class 100 grade B horizontal laminar flow clean room
  • Three Manufacturing Bays, Packaging Bay
  • Utilities include Purified Water, Nitrogen Gas, Clean Dry Air, Cylinder Exhaust Piping, Process Vacuum, Acid Waste Drains
70,000 SF