Dunham has provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for over 100 projects for Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare. This includes projects at the main hospital in St. Paul, MN, as well as numerous new clinic spaces, fit-ups, relocations, infrastructure upgrades, commissioning services and other renovations to off-site clinics across the Metro area. 

Hospital Expansion + Remodel

Through a series of projects, Dunham completed a 55,000 SF expansion, and 20,000 SF remodel of a variety of spaces. The expansion created space for the new James R. Gage Center for Gait and Motion Analysis. The center includes rehabilitation treatment rooms, gait and motion analysis space, offices, therapy kitchen, and therapeutic play areas. The remodeled portion of the project included a PICU renovation which includes ten new patient rooms and an isolation room. The remodel converted the space from “B’ occupancy to “I” occupancy, which required various infrastructure upgrades, the addition of AHU’s, and the installation of decorative cove lighting in the patient rooms. Our services included additional remodeled space for a new Ronald McDonald family apartment, family resource center, coffee shop, nursing rooms, and a link to the main hospital.

4th Floor East and West Remodel

This project includes a 12,000 SF remodel of the 4th floor East and West Orthopedics and Surgical units to accommodate the installation of new mechanical and electrical infrastructure. The project remodeled 19 private patient rooms, offices, multipurpose rooms, and surgical suites.

Surgery + Reprocessing

Dunham provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for a remodel of existing space to a surgery suite with six ORs, an OR simulator, nurse stations, pharmacy, procedure room, locker rooms and showers, eight PACU, and 13 pre and post‑op, support space, and central processing department.

Other Projects Include

  • New Ambulatory Care Center
  • Surgery and Reprocessing Remodel
  • Ronald McDonald Family Room
  • PICU Remodel
  • North Imaging Remodel
  • Various Off-site Clinics
Various Twin Cities Locations
Mechanical and Electrical Systems