Dunham has been the preferred engineer at St. John’s University for a few years, and our team has already has made a significant imprint on the campus’s landmark structures.

Alcuin Library Renovation + Learning Commons Addition

The Alcuin Library designed by the renowned architect Marcel Breuer completed a $7.5M addition and renovation project that features many unique design challenges. These include providing the infrastructure necessary to accommodate the requirements of complex spaces such as a Rare Resource Library and Bible Gallery. The Alcuin Library sits at the center of campus, serving an essential role in the community and widely considered to be the “living room of the campus.” The library is an invaluable asset to the students, alumni, community members, and thousands across the country via an interlibrary loan program.

The Learning Commons Addition offers a new destination for students to engage in a variety of learning tasks. With spaces for collaboration as well as quiet reading rooms, the Commons has a range of options for every learning preference and need. The design includes classrooms, group study spaces, offices, a coffee shop, an outdoor terrace, tech support space, and a media broadcast studio complete with state-of-the-art technology.

Abbey Church Preservation

As perhaps the most iconic structure on the campus, the Abbey Church is undergoing a restoration and preservation project. Built in 1961, the Abbey Church was also designed by Marcel Breuer. Great efforts are being taken to provide Alcuin Library and the Abbey Church with updated lighting and improved efficiency while preserving the integrity of the original spaces. These important and historic structures sit at the center of the campus and are considered invaluable assets to the students, alumni, and community members.

Collegeville, MN