Geothermal Systems

Geothermal energy increasingly delivers exceptional performance and efficiency for a wide variety of facilities. And Dunham delivers the precise experience and expertise you need for an efficient and effective geothermal system.

Our in-house capabilities include sophisticated computer modeling and the ability to optimize well field design in ground-source systems or heat exchange coils in lake-source systems. And our geothermal portfolio includes both vertical bore and lake-source geothermal systems.

For Great River Energy’s site near Arbor Lake, we utilized geothermal heating and cooling with displacement ventilation, allowing the building to receive free cooling from the lake for much of the year. And for the Minnesota Army National Guard’s Field Maintenance Shop, our sustainable strategies included specially designing an HVAC system for future conversion to an on-site geothermal system.

Talk to Dunham about tapping the power of geothermal energy for your next building project.

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