The Family Partnership facility is a two-story, 50,000 SF space that includes classrooms, therapy offices, group breakout rooms, community gathering, training space, corporate offices, and a 5,000 SF clinic. Dunham provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design, energy modeling and analysis, as well as commissioning services for this addition and renovation project from pre-design to warranty walk-through. The project had a 70% savings target for the new construction and a 35% savings target for the renovation for a total project EUI target of 56 site kBtu/sf-year. The project team surpassed this goal with modeled performance of 36 site kBtu/sf-year. The team achieved this level of performance by evaluating HVAC system and PV options early and then incorporating heat pumps and roof-mounted PV as well as good envelope, lighting, and plug load strategies.

Designed to B3/SB2030 requirements
Renewable Energy
16 kW photovoltaic array
Mechanical and Electrical Systems