The University of Minnesota Aquatic Center is an 76,000 SF Olympic-ready swimming and diving facility. The natatorium houses the eight-lane 50-meter Dorothy L. Sheppard Pool, a diving well, and seats 1,350 spectators and up to 1,200 competitors. Dunham designed a complete HVAC replacement to improve ventilation, occupant comfort, and humidity control. Upgrades the DDC controls systems were also designed as part of the project.

The Aquatic Center has around 50 occupants on an average day, but can reach more than 2,500 during events. Because of the large fluctuation in occupants, the design allows for optimal air flow and ventilation at various occupancy levels, including a idle mode during non-event times. Due to space constraints, the design added a penthouse on top of the existing storage space to house additional ventilation equipment. Our team designed the new larger ductwork tight to the roof and away from the pool to be out of the way of the swimmers and spectators.

76,000 SF
Minneapolis, MN